Every problem is an opportunity.

That’s a motto I live by 👍

About me

TL;DR version:

  • I am working in digital for over 9 years, for last 3 years in crypto industry.
  • I am crypto/blockchain enthusiast since 2013. Amateur crypto trader since 2017. Made some, lost some, but safely in profit.
  • I have worked as Chief Product Officer, Product Manager, Digital Business Consultant, Global Digital Lead, Senior Project Manager, Team Lead, Digital Specialist, Software Tester – all of those various positions for major international and global clients (Microsoft, GSK, HSBC, Shell, BMW, Bytex).
  • I have plenty of experience with management of budgets, teams and stakeholders
  • I was never a serious developer, but I have done some light programming and built couple of websites myself. I understand technology and have very good communication and organization skills. I am familiar with both agile and waterfall methodologies.
  • I bridge the gap between technical and business/marketing people as I understand the language of both worlds.
  • I am reliable, responsible, logical, friendly and can throw jokes around as well.
  • I always try to see problems as opportunities and to look on positive side of things.
  • If you’d like to know more about me, shoot me a message, I’m ready.

Long Version:

I started to be interested in computers at early age, probably thanks to my father who had an early version of some laptop which was for me at the time incredible machine to exist. Later someone built a PC for him on which I was playing games. I really liked to play NHL99 and when NHL2001 was coming up I have decided to save all my pocket money to buy that game. After couple of months of saving I bought the game and tried to install it but it would not work because the specs of the PC were not good enough. I cried a lot at first, but then decided to figure out what exactly was missing and that is when I got “the bug” for technology. Couple months later I built a PC by myself for my father (so I could play games on it of course 🙂).

Fast forward couple of years and I am working part time as a Software tester for a Czech bank (Česká Spořitelna). That was the first time I really saw the insides of a big corporation and the all the various internal mechanics that are in play. It was unbelievable to me how something can be so inefficient and still work (some of the key systems were still running on DOS environment, project progress and management was tracked in 1 giant excel spreadsheet, etc.).

Then I joined Wunderman Thompson for a 1st full time job as a Digital Specialist. That was basically building and maintaining websites for Microsoft. I grew professionally a lot. I was engaging with international clients on daily basis, our office was multinational and had a lot of good people I could learn from. I found out that I like to take responsibility for new, challenging tasks by which I gained trust of my managers and became a Team Lead of the team where I started. That was a big challenge for me at the time mentally, because I was the youngest in that team and suddenly I was their manager (6 people was reporting to me at the beginning, later we had also offshore team in Delhi which I had responsibility for).

After 2 years I have managed to learn what I could, did a lot of soft skill courses (project management, Agile, PRINCE 2, etc.), streamlined my work and shared my experience with my team so it was time for me to move on to the next challenge.

During next couple of years, I was very busy, I was leading 2 teams for website replatforming and migration project for a global bank where we have migrated 16 markets (one team in Prague and one in Delhi), I was leading set up of email automation for a major global petrol company as Senior Project manager, organizing the workflow from the clients to our PMs and to our execution teams (emailing team, data team, 20 markets from London to Singapore). 
Next step for me was working for a global pharmaceutical company based in London, for which we were delivering major replatforming of most of their websites. I was responsible for our overall delivery which was done by 2 teams of developers. In our pilot project we managed to shorten their go-to-market time from 1 year to 3 months, which was big success and was set as a benchmark.
During all of this I was also working on my side projects for small local businesses for which I was building custom websites.
These projects thought me a lot from technical and organizational sides, but especially I started to properly see how corporations function, what are their decision systems, and how they decide on investments.

After that project was up and running, I needed a new challenge and was offered a position as Global Digital Lead for Microsoft in Seattle.
I took the role and became responsible for our global (literally all continents and countries) service delivery of website creation and maintenance for Microsot. I was managing 3 teams (based in Prague, Delhi, and Beirut) with overall 50 people and reporting directly to our stakeholders in Microsoft. I was defining our product/service together with my teams to fit our clients’ needs, while maintaining required ratio of profitability, preparing and negotiating our budgets, working on new propositions for new and existing clients, designing global operations and their workflows, and presenting on pitches.

One year and one month later I was going back to Prague for personal reasons, made it home at the right time before the pandemic began and got married exactly as originally planned 💍

After that I have joined Czech blockchain startup as a Product Manager as I really started to feel the need to use my skills on something that is important to me and blockchain and cryptocurrencies were my favorite topic. It seems to me that it’s becoming more and more obvious that this technology will be moving all of us forward due to its undeniable benefits.
There, I was shaping our website and web application together with our sales, marketing and development teams. The goal was to introduce “tokenization” to Czech and Slovak markets, to open companies to new way of acquiring funds for their projects and for investors to have an opportunity to invest easily and become part of the project they are investing into, while getting a nice return on their investment.
Unfortunately, I needed to leave the company as I did not agree with some of their decisions, methods and approach to their goals.

For a short period of time I have joined ACTUM agency where I was responsible for 2 major clients, delivering our services to them while being the decision maker on our end with responsibility for “everything” (budgets, strategy, hiring, delivery, etc.), but I really wanted to be focused on crypto 100% so I became a professional crypto trader for 6 months. Luckily it was just during the 2021 bull market so it was on easy-mode.

In May 2021 I was approached by owner of ByteX to join him as Chief Product Officer to build web 3.0 solutions and centralized exchanges. There I was able to start applying all the skills I’ve harnessed previously and to work on something that matters to me – driving crypto and blockchain adoption.
I’ve worked for the last year with very skilled designers to come up with next level designs for our CEX solutions (both web and mobile apps), so user onboarding and adoption is as seamless as possible while also offering advanced functionalities to advanced users.
We strive to build applications that nobody will have problem to onboard while offering advanced functionalities for experienced users.
We aim to bring crypto related products to European, Canadian and Asian markets in a meaningful and understandable way so people can feel safe and can benefit from all the various services that crypto world is offering (trading, staking, automation, lending/borrowing, farming, NFTs, DeFi, etc.).

From all the above I have very versatile portfolio of skills, from defining product scope, road mapping, budgeting, team leading, mentoring, interviewing, project planning to setup of workflows and business rules (and much more).

I am a natural problem solver, and my track record is 100% clear. I have always delivered what we have agreed to. And I like a good challenge.

I never bring drama or politics to the workplace. I am positive, logical, organized and always trying to bridge gaps between people.



Marek Holub
Chief Product Officer (May 2021 – Present)

As a Chief Product Officer at Bytex my focus is to bring newest Web 3.0 solutions and our centralized exchange solutions (CEX mobile and website applications) to customers and businesses in meaningful way, breaking the barrier between new technology and user adoption.
I am also defining processes and making sure we’re spending our time as effectively as possible to deliver the best products to our existing and future clients.

We strive to build applications that nobody will have problem to onboard while offering advanced functionalities for experienced users.
We aim to bring crypto related products to European, Canadian and Asian markets in a meaningful and understandable way so people can feel safe and can benefit from all the various services that crypto world is offering (trading, staking, automation, lending/borrowing, farming, NFTs, DeFi, etc.).

I work closely with our senior leadership planning out our roadmap and priorities, with Product Owners on internal project prioritization, with Designers on ideation of UX and UI and conducting with all of them thorough research of ever changing crypto environment.

Digital Business Consultant (December 2020 – February 2021)
ACTUM Digital, Prague

As a Digital Business Consultant I’m helping our clients define approach to solve their needs and overcome any technological issues they’re facing, currently especially in the field of enterprise content management lifecycle.
We’re creating close partnerships which are mutually beneficial, using latest technologies and agile framework to ensure continuous delivery and fast usability of our solutions for our clients to enjoy the benefits of our work as soon as possible.
I’m also responsible for smooth delivery by overseeing our engineering units and keeping our budgets in check.
Last but not least my role includes mentoring. I try to share as much of my experience as I can with my colleagues and my team to help everyone evolve and also to create friendly atmosphere. Sharing is caring.

Product Manager (May 2020 – December 2020)
XIXOIO a.s., Prague

As a Product Manager/Product Owner at XIXOIO I’m helping to shape up our web app for clients and dealers to best suit their needs, while introducing new features. I’m conducting client/dealer interviews and testing, brainstorming with our internal team about possibilities of future development, defining Epics and User Stories for our development team, preparing testing scenarios and doing high-level testing myself.
Since the time I started on this position we’ve completely rebuilt and innovated the way how our app looks and works, launched new website and on-boarded new clients while using cutting edge technologies.

Global Digital Lead (Nov 2018 – 2020)
Wunderman Seattle (USA)

As a Global Digital Lead I am responsible for leading 3 teams of web developers situated across the world (Prague, Beirut, Delhi), making sure these teams deliver assigned projects according to agreed timelines and in very high quality standards for our key customer, Microsoft.

I am helping our clients to develop and shape the vision for their business, strategy and marketing road map for their digital services and drive these efforts within our teams to successful deployment.

We’re also reviewing and updating our processes constantly to make sure our operation is streamlined and effective.

We’re always trying to improve our service to stay ahead of the curve.

I am collaborating with our client, driving new projects, efficiencies, R&D and delivering results in high profile environment.

Digital Team Lead (Feb 2017 – Oct 2018)
Wunderman Prague (CZ)

Managing and leading 2 teams (1 in Prague, 1 in Delhi) of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) specialists for our London based client, HSBC.

We’re dedicated team of AEM experts, helping our client HSBC to build new websites for their global operation, building websites from Canada, London, Hongkong to Australia (and many more).

We’re in daily cooperation with internal HSBC AEM developers, project managers and designers making sure that the system is easily author-able and aligned with AEM philosophy as much as we can.
For this client we adopted their agile approach for development, took part in component design, UAT and rollouts. Overall we’ve onboarded and migrated over 20 markets onto the new platform.

We’re the guardians of the platform and of the websites we produce, making sure that everything is according to modern website principles and in line with best AEM practices.

CEE Digital Team Lead (Aug 2014 – Feb 2017)
Wunderman Prague (CZ)

Managing team of 5-8 web content editors/creators for Central and Easter Europe for our main customer, Microsoft.

Assigning tasks to team members, controlling correct execution, cooperating with the clients as well as with other departments to make sure we provide best service we can.

Participating on intentional calls in both presenter and audience roles.

Reporting to the higher management on current matters/issues/opportunities/challenges.

I took part in many soft-skills classes, for example Project leading (both agile and non-agile), Time management, Team Leading, Presentation skills, Negotiation, Branding, Use of social media, etc.

Digital Specialist (Jul 2012 – Jul 2014)
Wunderman Prague (CZ)

Work in a team of 5-8 people.

Management and creation of websites for Microsoft. Mostly using HTML, CSS or an internal CMS.

Communication with clients, advising in both design and functionality.

Creating documentation and guidance for new tools.

After a year I became CEE Team Lead Deputy – Started to assign tasks to the team members, being responsible for their correct execution.

For more detailed information about my previous employment, certificates and education, please see my LinkedIn profile


In my spare time I like to enjoy following the newest trends in IT, especially, but not only, with regards to crypto currencies, which I also trade on a regular basis. I follow blockchain technology development in general as well as more traditional fields like computing, social networks, marketing and overall IT news so I’m in touch with everything that’s new or on the horizon.

For fun I like to do some PC gaming, movie watching, going to concerts, doing a BBQ with with my friends, etc.

I’m also very outdoorsy person, I used to play football, now I’m more into running, MTB cycling, climbing, hiking, go-karting. During winter season I enjoy snowboarding, especially outside of the ski slope in fresh powder snow 🏂


"In the 6+ years I worked with Marek, I have watched him grow from a digital specialist to a capable leader and technical consultant. Marek is a professional in all aspects of his work and he leads others through humility, empathy and demonstrated knowledge of digital trends and technologies. His confidence inspires others and his ambition drives new projects when a hands-on leader is needed."
"I was lucky to work and be part of Marek's team for almost two years.His set of qualities and skills made him trully inspirational and motivational leader.
He was dedicated and passionate about our team performance and achievements. Goal oriented and with growth minset he was able to solve all our problems and made our daily work easier and enjoyable.
Marek has strong interest and knowledge about cutting-edge technolgoies, that makes him as true proffesional. His strong sense of empathy, ability to coach and guide
makes him engaging leader that is precious for every team, and every team member.
I recommend Marek if you're looking for intelligent, creative, and growth-driven professional."
Olivera Tomich
Senior Frontend Developer at Interactive Pro
"I had the pleasure of working alongside Marek for more than 5 years and was thrilled when he stepped up from his local role in Prague and became a Global Digital Lead in the US, managing several teams around the globe. Marek has excellent managerial skills which, together with his strong technical background, conceptual thinking and very positive and human-oriented approach, makes him a brilliant professional, colleague and manager. If you're looking for someone who can lead people, solve problems and contribute with superb analytical thinking and web-related technical expertise, I can recommend Marek without a second of hesitation."
Karel Hašek
Technical Manager at Raiffeisen Bank International AG


If you like what you’ve seen and would like to contact me, please do!

I’m always open for new challenges and opportunities.

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