Every problem is an opportunity.

That’s a motto I live by  🙂

About me

My name is Marek Holub.

In my career I was leading a lot of projects, often multiple at the same time for different clients. I was managing and delivering emailing automation solution to 14 different markets for global petrol chain, leading website migration of 15 markets for a major bank to a new platform, onboarding pharmaceutical company on a new website platform and making their go-to market time from 1 year to 3 months. During all of this I was managing from 8 to 16 people at different times (web developers and  Java developers). Until March 2020 I was working for Wunderman Thompson in Seattle (US) where I was managing 3 teams of web developers located in Prague, Delhi and Beirut for our key client, Microsoft. Overall headcount of our teams was approx. 50 people. Currently I work as a Product Manager at XIXOIO a.s. in Prage, which is a “tokenization” FinTech startup that is aiming to revolutionize the way we’re looking at funding projects and investments via blockchain.

During last 3 years I’ve gained a lot of experience also in the business part of web/software development. I’ve been part of budgeting for new projects, balancing pricing sheets for clients, setting up proposals for new clients and designing their global operations based on their expected workload. I was directly coordinating this with our CTO, Andy Jacobs, who personally appreciated my involvement as I proved to be valuable asset during these proposals. I’ve attended pitches for potential clients (we won a bunch of them), presentations for retained clients, creating proposals for optimizations, etc.

Also, During my career I’ve interviewed over 100 candidates and whoever we ended up hiring was a good fit into our team and proved to be valuable over the years at Wunderman Thompson.

I am a great team leader, always making sure that people who report to me are on track with latest developments, are happy and engaged and have a meaningful way to build their careers and get enough opportunities to self-develop. I strive to lead by example, not by having a better job title. I can manage mine and others expectations and avoid any unnecessary situations by being one step ahead both with internal teams and outside organizations/stakeholders.

Overall I’m quite good with time management and keeping my work/life balance in order, but I can easily recognize situations where extra effort/time is needed and I’m not hesitating to put that effort in when we need to deliver whatever is needed. 

I am a natural problem solver and my track record is 100% clear. I’ve always delivered what we’ve agreed to. And I like a good challenge.

I never bring drama or politics to the workplace. I’m positive, logical, organized and always trying to bridge gaps between people.


In my spare time I like to enjoy following the newest trends in IT, especially, but not only, with regards to crypto currencies, which I also trade on a non-regular basis. I also follow other blockchain technologies as well as more traditional fields like computing, social networks, marketing and overall IT news so I’m in touch with everything that’s new or on the horizon.

For fun I like to do some PC gaming, movie watching, going to concerts, doing a BBQ with with my friends, etc.

I’m also very outdoorsy person, I used to play football, now I’m more into running, MTB cycling, climbing, hiking, go-karting. During winter season I enjoy snowboarding, especially outside of the ski slope in fresh powder snow.


"In the 6+ years I worked with Marek, I have watched him grow from a digital specialist to a capable leader and technical consultant. Marek is a professional in all aspects of his work and he leads others through humility, empathy and demonstrated knowledge of digital trends and technologies. His confidence inspires others and his ambition drives new projects when a hands-on leader is needed."
"I was lucky to work and be part of Marek's team for almost two years.His set of qualities and skills made him trully inspirational and motivational leader.
He was dedicated and passionate about our team performance and achievements. Goal oriented and with growth minset he was able to solve all our problems and made our daily work easier and enjoyable.
Marek has strong interest and knowledge about cutting-edge technolgoies, that makes him as true proffesional. His strong sense of empathy, ability to coach and guide
makes him engaging leader that is precious for every team, and every team member.
I recommend Marek if you're looking for intelligent, creative, and growth-driven professional."
Olivera Tomich
Senior Frontend Developer at Interactive Pro
"I had the pleasure of working alongside Marek for more than 5 years and was thrilled when he stepped up from his local role in Prague and became a Global Digital Lead in the US, managing several teams around the globe. Marek has excellent managerial skills which, together with his strong technical background, conceptual thinking and very positive and human-oriented approach, makes him a brilliant professional, colleague and manager. If you're looking for someone who can lead people, solve problems and contribute with superb analytical thinking and web-related technical expertise, I can recommend Marek without a second of hesitation."
Karel Hašek
Technical Manager at Raiffeisen Bank International AG


Marek Holub
Product Manager (May 2020 – Present)
XIXOIO a.s., Prague

As a Product Manager/Product Owner at XIXOIO I’m helping to shape up our web app for clients and dealers to best suit their needs, while introducing new features. I’m conducting client/dealer interviews and testing, brainstorming with our internal team about possibilities of future development, defining Epics and User Stories for our development team, preparing testing scenarios and doing high-level testing myself.
Since the time I started on this position we’ve completely rebuilt and innovated the way how our app looks and works, launched new website and on-boarded new clients while using cutting edge technologies.

Global Digital Lead (Nov 2018 – 2020)
Wunderman Seattle (USA)

As a Global Digital Lead I am responsible for leading 3 teams of web developers situated across the world (Prague, Beirut, Delhi), making sure these teams deliver assigned projects according to agreed timelines and in very high quality standards for our key customer, Microsoft.

I am helping our clients to develop and shape the vision for their business, strategy and marketing road map for their digital services and drive these efforts within our teams to successful deployment.

We’re also reviewing and updating our processes constantly to make sure our operation is streamlined and effective.

We’re always trying to improve our service to stay ahead of the curve.

I am collaborating with our client, driving new projects, efficiencies, R&D and delivering results in high profile environment.

Digital Team Lead (Feb 2017 – Oct 2018)
Wunderman Prague (CZ)

Managing and leading 2 teams (1 in Prague, 1 in Delhi) of AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) specialists for our London based client, HSBC.

We’re dedicated team of AEM experts, helping our client HSBC to build new websites for their global operation, building websites from Canada, London, Hongkong to Australia (and many more).

We’re in daily cooperation with internal HSBC AEM developers, project managers and designers making sure that the system is easily author-able and aligned with AEM philosophy as much as we can.
For this client we adopted their agile approach for development, took part in component design, UAT and rollouts. Overall we’ve onboarded and migrated over 20 markets onto the new platform.

We’re the guardians of the platform and of the websites we produce, making sure that everything is according to modern website principles and in line with best AEM practices.

CEE Digital Team Lead (Aug 2014 – Feb 2017)
Wunderman Prague (CZ)

Managing team of 5-8 web content editors/creators for Central and Easter Europe for our main customer, Microsoft.

Assigning tasks to team members, controlling correct execution, cooperating with the clients as well as with other departments to make sure we provide best service we can.

Participating on intentional calls in both presenter and audience roles.

Reporting to the higher management on current matters/issues/opportunities/challenges.

I took part in many soft-skills classes, for example Project leading (both agile and non-agile), Time management, Team Leading, Presentation skills, Negotiation, Branding, Use of social media, etc.

Digital Specialist (Jul 2012 – Jul 2014)
Wunderman Prague (CZ)

Work in a team of 5-8 people.

Management and creation of websites for Microsoft. Mostly using HTML, CSS or an internal CMS.

Communication with clients, advising in both design and functionality.

Creating documentation and guidance for new tools.

After a year I became CEE Team Lead Deputy – Started to assign tasks to the team members, being responsible for their correct execution.

For more detailed information about my previous employment, certificates and education, please see my LinkedIn profile


If you like what you’ve seen and would like to contact me, please do!

I’m always open for new challenges and opportunities.

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